Indians love betting almost as much as we love cricket, but we all know how annoying it can be when you go on one of those streaks where you start to lose more than you win. Therefore, we are going to give you some invaluable and free cricket betting tips that you can use to increase your chances of winning.

What Are the Most Enjoyed Cricket World Competitions?

Before providing you with some great tips, we believe that is always good to familiarise yourself with the best cricket events that take place on a regular basis around the world. If you take the time to do this, you will know what is happening at any given moment, so if you get the urge to bet, you will know if there is something on that is of interest to you. Especially if you want good tips, you can directly go and see with our cricket betting tips partner at

Cricket World Cup: This widely anticipated competition is played every four years, but if cricket fans had the choice, they have it played every year. That is how much it is loved. The last edition took place in England and Wales and was watched by millions of enthusiastic cricket fans. England were crowned champions for the first time after beating New Zealand in the final that will probably go down as one of the greatest. At the end of both innings, both the teams were tied, so the match went to a Super Over. Incredibly, this also ended in a draw. England were crowned as the champions as they hit more boundaries throughout the game. The 2023 edition will be played in India.

Twenty20 World Cup: Unlike the ODI World Cup, this tournament is more sporadic. The first edition was played in 2007, then two more were played in 2009 and 2010. There was then a two-year break until the next one in 2012, with two more being played in 2014 and 2016. The next one will be in 2020 and will be hosted by Australia in October and November. The following one will be hosted by India in 2021.

ICC World Test Championship: This new competition started in August 2019 when England and Australia began their Ashes series. The 9 test playing countries will play a test series against six other teams. Each series is worth a maximum of 120 points and the two teams that are sitting at the top of the table come the end of the competition will compete for the trophy.


Indian Premier League: The IPL is one of the most loved Twenty20 tournaments in the cricketing world. It attracts the world’s best players as they search glory and riches. This tournament take place in March, April, and May of every year and is contested between eight different teams.

Vitality Blast: This is England and Wales’ version of the IPL. Okay, it is nowhere near as popular, but there is still some fantastic cricket on display. It takes place each year in July, August, and September, with the 18 counties being split into a South and North league. The top 4 teams in each league qualify for the next round.

Twenty20 Big Bash: This popular T20 tournament is a yearly competition that is played in Australia in December, January, and February. Like with the IPL, eight teams compete for the trophy. However, it must be noted that the prize money is not as lucrative as its Indian counterpart.

Tips That Will Improve Your Chances of Winning

Before you start placing bets on cricket games and risking your hard-earned money, you need to take a few things into consideration. If you pay attention to the great tips that we are about to provide, you will definitely improve your chances of winning on cricket matches.

Know What the Weather is Going to be Like

The weather obviously has an influence on sports that are played in the open, but no one can deny that cricket is affected by the elements a lot more than any other outdoor sport. In cricket, the weather can be your best friend one day and your enemy another.

For instance, the best time for a fast bowler to bowl is when there is some cloud cover and things are looking gloomy. This is because they will often be able to get more movement with the ball when conditions are like this, meaning they have a better chance of picking up some cheap wickets. However, when the sun comes out and it is a boiling day, they will have to toil for their rewards. This is because there is no extravagant movement when the sun is out, meaning it is that batsmen’s time to enjoy the conditions.


To add to this, you cannot play cricket matches when it is raining, meaning large portions of a match can be lost due to the rain. For instance, it is not uncommon to see a test match reduced to three or four days due to bad weather.

Therefore, before you place some predictions, check out some weather forecasts to see what the weather is supposed to be like for the duration of the match. If the forecast is gloomy, it is likely that it will be a low scoring match where the bowlers are on top of the batsmen. If the sun is going to be shining, the batsmen have a good chance of making hay in a high scoring game.

Always Take a Look at the Pitch That Will be Used

The pitch also has more of an effect on the outcome of a game than it does in any other sport. This is something that helps to make cricket so exciting. Cricket pitches are different all over the world, meaning that players have to regularly test themselves in strange conditions.

For example, in New Zealand and England, especially if a test match is being played, the pitches that are used often start off with a nice covering of grass, which is why the captain that wins the coin toss will often choose to bowl first. Pitches in Sri Lanka, Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh, on the other hand, often have no grass on them and get drier and start to crack as the match is played. This makes batting last extremely tricky, especially against spin bowlers, which is why the captain the wins the toss often chooses to bat first on such pitches. Cricketers in Australia will be faced with pitches that offer bounce and pace, while when they are playing in place such as Zimbabwe and the West Indies, they will find slow and low pitches.

So, before you go ahead and place your predictions, you should always remember what country the game is being played in as well as how certain players have performed when playing away from home. If a team or a player always underperform in a particular country, we recommend that you stick your money elsewhere.

What is There to Bet on In the Cricket Betting World?

What makes cricket one of the best sports to bet on is the fact that there is a huge variety of markets that you can try and predict. To add to this, as we showed above, there are always great tournaments taking place, meaning you will always have some cricket to bet on.

Trying to predict which team will be the match winner is popular challenge for cricket bettors. In limited overs cricket, you can only bet on the team that you believe will win the game as the majority of bookmakers do not bother providing odds for a stalemate as they don’t tend to happen. However, when it comes to test cricket, odds for a draw are often provided as there is a much higher chance of this happening in this format of the game.

Other popular markets include trying to predict the player that will score the most runs or take the most wickets in the match. When you are trying to choose a player for the former, you should think about choosing a batsman who bats in the top four of the order as these are usually the most talented with the bat. When you are trying to choose a player for the latter, you should consider an opening bowler if it looks like the pitch will provide them with assistance. However, if the game is taking place in Asia, it is probably best to pick a spin bowler.


You can also try and predict which player will be the Man of the Match, but this is quite a tough market to predict. However, we still recommend that you give it a shot because the rewards are great if you manage to choose correctly.

Other popular cricket betting markets include trying to predict which captain will get lucky at the coin toss, the team that will score the most boundaries, and the team that will score their first ten runs in the quickest time.

If you want to place an in-play bet, you can try and predict whether a particular batsman will score a half-century or century as well as how the next wicket will be taken.

Where Should You Deposit Your Money?

Before we provide you some fantastic cricket betting sites for Indians, we thought that it would be wise to give you some tips on what you should keep an eye out for in a bookmaker.

Reputation: You should take the time to read some reviews about the bookmaker that you are thinking about opening up an account with. If you encounter more negative reviews than positive ones, you need to think about depositing your money elsewhere.

Odds: Odds will vary between different bookmakers, so you should try to read some comparison sites before making your final decision. This will allow you to find the sportsbooks that offer the best odds.


Welcome bonus: Bookmakers have to provide attractive offers in order to get new customers to join them. These vary between bookmakers, so do a bit of research to ensure you get the best ones that are available.

Customer Support: If a bookmaker has rubbish customer support, you should definitely not create an account with them. In our opinion, you should only join a sportsbook that has 247 live chat, an email address, and a phone number with decent calling times.

Below you will find a list of what we feel are some of the best bookmakers for those living in India: